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Why Choose Deo Gratias American African is a private online school for Grades K-12. Our partners, American High School has been in existence since 2004 and over 36,000 students, across the U.S. and internationally, have enrolled in our online courses. Our online curriculum has been time-tested and meets the academic needs of many types of students, including but not limited to accelerated, remedial, and gifted learners. The majority of students that enroll plan to attend college or enter the workforce upon graduation. We offer a college preparatory curriculum offering General, Honors, and AP courses. As of Spring of 2013, our graduation rate was 93% for those enrolled in 12th grade. An exceptional feat for our students, as the curriculum is rigorous and demanding, but the students aspired for greatness.

All of the teachers at American High School are certified and/or highly certified in their subject matter discipline. The teacher/student ratio is approximately 75:1. However, because students are not all in the virtual classroom at the same time every day, and are working at their own pace and time, the ratio feels more like 1:1. American teachers are available 10 hours a day to support the students via Skype, email, online video chat, discussion boards, and phone. Students also work with the teachers in a multitude of extracurricular virtual programs that engage students and look good on their resumes.

Here are just a few reasons that teens and their families choose American High School for Grades K-12.

Make up Missed Credits

When students fall behind in traditional schools, it can be difficult to make up missed credits, Flexible online high schools, like American High School, let teens make up courses


DGAA helps to Graduate Early

When students fall behind in traditional schools, it can be difficult to make up missed credits,  DGAA/American High School  let teens make up courses.


Flexibility for Schedule

Young people involved in consuming activities such as professional acting or sports often have to miss classes for work-related events. Instead of constantly struggling to catch up with their peers, these talented teens can complete online middle school and high school courses during their down time

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Get away from negative peer group

By learning online, teens are able to get away from seeing the same people every day and make new friends based on shared interests rather than shared locations.


Work at their own pace

By choosing a flexible online high school,teens can speed ahead when they feel confident. Instead of struggling to keep  teens can progress through coursework at a pace of their choice.

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Access programs Globally

Virtual programs give students in rural or disadvantaged urban areas the ability to learn from a top-notch curriculum that may not be available locally.